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It is very important for an association to maintain compliance with its Declarations, Bylaws, Rules and Regulations, and the ARC Guidelines. Hiring a professional management firm has many advantages which include obtaining compliance from its members regarding the Association’s documents and collecting present and past due assessments by using a non-neighbor third party. This separates Board Members from potential conflicts with their neighbors. Compliance enables an association to maintain the highest property values and decrease market time when selling. An association’s overall credibility is paramount, which requires the constant and consistent enforcement of these documents.


Additionally, as many associations struggle with increased account receivables (delinquent accounts); the remaining members are faced with increasing assessments to supplement those who are not paying. As with violations, these issues require constant and consistent efforts to collect these funds. Again, over the years of professionally managing associations, Omega has developed and employed many different techniques in resolving these issues.


Please note: a management firm is only as good as the manager(s) working for them. Beware of management firms who first land your account then hand off your Association to an Associate! At Omega Community Management, Inc. your Association is managed by a licensed professional. See our qualifications under the "About-Us" tab listed above.


In addition, hiring a professional management firm may reduce general liability and property insurance package premiums that a homeowners’ association pays to its insurance carrier which is on average 15%. In fact, many insurance carriers providing the best rates are now requiring associations to be professionally managed in order to bind their coverage.

It would be our pleasure to attend one of your board meetings to speak with the Board regarding management of your association.


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