Our Services

At Omega Community Management, Inc., we take care to provide our customers with high quality services personalized for their unique needs. We are professional, courteous, and efficient.

The following information is a description of just some of our services:


* Assist in the development of an annual operating budget

* Produce and distribute assessment coupons

* Collect dues/assessments

* Account for late fees and interest

* Pay invoices

* Produce periodic financial statements

* Produce individual account statements

* Facilitate the year-end financial report(s) via a CPA

* Maintain a fidelity bond


Collections / Delinquent Assessments:

* Provide late letters

* Provide notices of intent to file a lien

* Facilitate the preparation and filing of lien(s) and satisfaction of lien(s) via an attorney

* Facilitate foreclosure action via an attorney



* Provide notice of intent to sell forms

* Provide notarized certificates for closing agents or attorneys describing funds owed at date of closings

* Provide informational package for new owner(s)



* Provide and maintain a roster of unit and/or lot owners

* Maintain and store Association's records and files

* Facilitate Association leasing approval requirements - intent to lease forms

* Provide an after-hours answering service for emergency contact

* Provide personal Notary Service at no charge for members



* Facilitate the agenda via the Board Designee

* Post meeting notifications

* Attend Board meetings

* Attend annual meetings and elections

* Develop and record meeting minutes

* Make periodic visits to the property

* Assist in the enforcement of Association's governing documents

* Facilitate the filing of annual corporate reports

* Employ and supervise all on-site employees


Maintenance of Common Elements:

* Facilitate the overall maintenance of the common elements

* Obtain proposals for and supervise contracted services

* Insure all contractors/vendors have appropriate insurance and licenses

* Facilitate the filing of Notice of Commencements when appropriate

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