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We ask for feedback, value it, listen to it, and then we initiate modifications because we believe Omega Community Management, Inc. grows when we are open to the changes happening within your community, your homeowner's association, and within the community management industry. We're accessible so our clients know they can count on our personalized attention. This inspires them to brag about us - and we're proud of that too.

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People love Omega Community Management, Inc. Check out what they had to say...

Dave L. - "Omega CMI is a professional, helpful resource I would recommend to any Association. As a board member of our condo association we managed several major projects. Omega assisted us by providing guidance and alternatives that were very helpful. Omega kept us within the guidelines of our governing documents and Florida Chapter 718 statutes. We worked effectively with them as a Team."

Samantha G.- "Excellent response to issues in our community. I had a major issue and my manager was extremely helpful and responsive. The utmost professionalism and kindness. I would recommend Omega to anyone looking for a professional management company."

Renee A.- "Omega is great! Super nice people. Always willing to help us when we need anything. They always call us back when we have left a message. They are the BEST management company EVER!!!"

Felicia B.- "Omega Community Management is always a Great Pleasure to work with. Professional, Organized and knowledgeable to any request and needs. Omega's Staff are ROCKSTARS in my book! Extremely Elite and personable! Thank you so much for everything! Omega has done a stellar job of addressing my concerns in an efficient and professional manner. I Highly Recommend if you're looking for a True Management that makes their clients a priority rather than a posteriority, building a rapport is Unmatched working with Omega Community Management."

Dale R.- "Working with Omega has changed my perception of HOA management business, involvement, and the challenges around it. David has been the most honest and helpful throughout the process. Extremely professional and whenever I've had questions he's always been there. Omega's staff are an awesome bunch, and a tight knit group of professionals who are a joy and pleasure to work with. I look forward to continuing to work with Omega in the future."

Ryan B.- "Omega has been a delight to work with! They have always been fair, hard working....they are good people. Thanks for all you have done for us and for the opportunities!"

Dave C.- "Our company provides exterior cleaning services for association properties managed by Omega. The property managers are wonderful to work with but also very attentive to their residents concerns and questions throughout any project we've provided for them. They relay concerns to us immediately so residents can be accommodated or issues handled immediately. I would definitely recommend Omega Management to any Association Boards looking for proper and professional management of their Home Owners Association."

Luis G.- "Beth, a sincere thank you for the swift response! Simply stated, you exceeded my expectations. Thanks again for the being the best of the best!"

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